Energising Herbal Toner

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Aloe vera-infused, alcohol-free facial toner with Mandarin citrus scent provides hydration to your skin and refreshes tired-looking skin.

AM/PM use helps prepare your skin to better receive your serum, day or night time moisturiser for maximum results.
Contains aloe and Vitamins B3, C and E to refresh skin.
Gently conditions your skin.
Suitable for all skin types.
No added parabens. Dermatologist tested

Exclusively formulated with:
Vitamins B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera, Potassium alum

50 ml spray bottle

Follow with Line Minimising Serum

This multi-functional serum helps diminish the visible signs of aging.* Learn More

*Clinically tested on subjects for skin roughness measured by Visioscan and Reverse Photo Engineering at intervals of zero, seven and 42 days


"I enjoyed using this toner immensely because of the scent which lingers on long after (in my nose and mind) and I look forward to using it. I think this is such a great benefit of the product; I am big with products with nice, sweet scents which are fresh and not cloying. It definitely hydrates the skin and preps it before the moisturizer and serum"

I really enjoy this product! It is light, the fragrance is delightful and it tones right away. A great product!

"I love how the toner can works in both the ways. I can use a cotton when I feel like, and directly spray and dap when I'm in a rush (or lazy lol). It's really super refreshing and has cooling sensation, and the mandarin citrus scent was so sweet! "Nicole

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