How to make a great Herbalife shake?
"I had the protein shake because I liked the taste, I did not think of the diet results"
how to make diet shake How to make the perfect shake every time

Formula 1 Healthy Meal is Herbalife's flagship product. It comes in the form of a nutritional shake providing all the nutrients, protein and complex carbohydrates you would want in a perfect healthy meal, with a low calorie count to assist weight control.

Because Formula 1 provides energy through complex carbohydrates and protein, it can keep your body sustained for longer, and doesn't cause the blood sugar 'spike and crash' that usually leads to hunger pangs, and snacking on less-than-ideal foods.

The Formula 1 shake mixture is incredibly versatile and can be mixed in almost anything. It is available in six different flavours in either single-serving sachets, or canisters.

How to make creamy shakes

Mix 2 scoops of Formula 1 in 250ml of milk (skimmed, semi- skimmed or soy) to make a creamy and filling meal full of protein, that can keep you going for longer.

All of the flavours mix well in milk, especially Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Cappuccino. Some people find Vanilla slightly bland in milk alone, so it is best mixed in fruit juice or add fruit to your shake. Try shake recipes.

Soya milk is a healthier alternative to regular cow's milk, and doesn't cause the stomach problems or lethargy many people have when they aren't used to drinking cow's milk by the glass.

How to make fruity shakes

Mix 2 scoops of Formula 1 in 250ml of fruit juice (or half fruit juice and half milk) to make a refreshing healthy meal, especially ideal for sports people before or immediately after an event.

Vanilla, Strawberry and Tropical Fruit (banana) make the best fruit-flavoured shakes, but don't be afraid to experiment with shake recipes.

Mixing the shake

Blenders are the perfect way to mix your shake. Leave it running slightly longer than necessary as this thickens up the mixture. Adding ice cubes or frozen fruit has the same affect, it boosts the volume of your shake.  If you're using a blender, adding some fresh fruit is tasty way to reach your 'five a day' and boost the fibre content of your shake. Your personalised programme from Herbal Vitality will recommend how many calories in your shake including how much fruit to add.

(Note: don't blend Cookies and Cream flavour, or you will destroy the crunchy cookie chunks.)

If you don't have a blender or you're out and about, you can use one of our Herbalife Shakers.  If you have time: shake for 30 seconds, leave to stand for about ten minutes, and give it another quick shake before drinking. This will thicken the shake and remove any remaining powdery taste.


Making your shake with fruit

You will notice that many of the recipes contain fruit which provide your body with additional fibre and nutrients. Half a cup of raspberries only adds an extra 30 calories to the shake yet provides 4g of fibre, together with an additional 2.5 g of fibre from the Formula 1. So a total of 6.5 g per shake.

Try different additions to your shake

For variation try mixing up your favourite Herbalife Formula 1 shake flavour. Some great add-ins to boost your protein shakes include fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, seeds & grains:


Additional shake making tips

other tips and ideas

...or try something different

Add the shake mix to yoghurt to create a filling and nutritious treat (cookies and cream flavour is great!).
Add the shake mix to porridge oats with milk (after allowing them to cool) to provide a more sustaining meal when taking part in endurance or team sports.

Making your shake in water

Using Herbalife PDM allows you to make your shake in water. Watch video here.

Why a daily shake? - Watch video to see the benefits of taking one or two shakes a day.



How to make diet shake

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