Herbalife 24 - Rebuild Endurance

Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance
Complete recovery shake containing protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids, anti-oxidants vitamins & minerals
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"The powder itself mixed very well and did not clump…clumping makes me gag when I try to down recovery shakes so I was happy about that. How I used the Herbalife Rebuild Endurance was right after my workouts in the past couple weeks. What makes this product unique is that it is NOT just a protein shake but it is considered a RECOVERY shake because it contains 10g of protein per serving and also about 27g of carbs per serving. One serving is equal to about 160 calories. So, technically if you did not want that full load of calories and just had a smaller workout you could half the measurement and still get 5g of protein and ~13g of carbs which is what I did a few times plus I wanted to make the product last longer. It would probably be best to use 2 scoops if you went longer. But, I found that consuming Herbalife Rebuild Endurance within 15 minutes of my workout SIGNIFICANTLY reduced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in the next couple days which I appreciated because it enabled me to complete the next days workout without feeling blasted.

One of the other big things about Herbalife Rebuild Endurance is that it comes stocked with antioxidants and electrolytes which are all extremely important in overall health and recovery. Electrolytes are really important for me because I naturally sweat A LOT! So, I lose a lot of electrolytes in the sweat so to encompass replenishment of those electrolytes along with getting good protein and carb sources was a huge plus to me. And, finally another BIG plus about this product that sets it apart is that it contains a good proportion of amino acids and Glutamine being one of them. Glutamine is extremely important in muscle recovery and has been shown in countless studies to help improve muscle recovery.

What you get with this product is not just a protein shake or carb source but an ALL IN ONE recovery shake that accounts for nearly all the facets in recovery – protein, carbs, electrolytes, amino acids, and a tiny amount of fat. This all in one recovery shake has done well for me thus far as I am a little less than 2 weeks out from the Marine Corps Marathon and my legs are feeling pretty good even after throwing in a few moderately hard workouts since then (nothing too crazy though). I highly recommend giving this recovery product a try if you are looking for something to encompass all of your recovery needs after a run/workout and not just protein or carbs". Source: http://www.theheartrunner.com/

"I worked out hard to prepare myself for the race car. The first time I tried REBUILD ENDURANCE was after a gruelling 3.5-hour bike ride. Normally I’d feel sore and sluggish the next day. This time I was surprised to feel fully refreshed and ready to tackle the boxing gym with full strength. REBUILD ENDURANCE is awesome!"

Townsend Bell, Herbalife Sponsored Indy Car Driver

“One step closer to that London Gold today in the Omnium at the World Champs. Six gruelling events made me happy for my Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance – it kept me in the fight till the end.”

Zachery Bell, Canadian cyclist after silver at the World Championships 2012 

"The biggest eye opener for me so far though, has been the rebuild endurance. I religiously take this after every strenuous effort on the bike, and immediately noticed that aching and dead feeling legs the next day were a thing of the past! This has enabled me to intensify my training plan, and train hard on consecutive days without pain or tiredness, and that is starting to pay real dividends now"

Kevin, Uk

"I am a runner and since using the H24 rebuild endurance my legs do not ache the next day after running" June, UK

Team Spidertech, Pro Cycling Team talking about the importance of recovery nutrition

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