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"Be the Best Shape You Can Be"

Dr Herber developed the philosophy and science behind this book while working with thousands of patients in LA.

The LA Shape Diet is about the shape of your body and how to change it. And personalisation is what makes this book different from all the other diet books you may have read before.

Dr Herber maintains that everyone is born with a particular shape - and this shape makes a huge difference in how you should approach weight loss. He teaches how to find the personal protein prescription to best achieve your goals. He explains how to jump start your plan with the Empowering Shake, the best way to make sure you meet your protein needs and control hunger and then how to build your own ideal diet.

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David Herber, M.D.,Ph.D Director, UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition

Chapter headings - Power Through Your First Week, Personalising Your Program, Activating Your Personal Plan, Reinforce Your Habits: The Art of Relapse Prevention, Inspiration: Finding Your Inner Voice and Vision, Exercise for life, LA Shape Enhancers- Herbal supplements, Principles of Dieting and Your Body Shape.

The Science of Weight Loss - the book covers in easy to read sections, The Science of Meal Replacement,  The Science of Protein, The Science of Shape and Body Fat, The Science of Bioimpdedance Analysis, The Science of Good Fats and Bad Fats, The Science of Cereals and Shakes, The Science of Exercise and Building Muscle, and The Science of Vitamins and Minerals

Dr Herber guides you on how to personalise your programme to attain your best personal shape, how to change established habits, how to exercise to get the best results. The book also contains menu ideas.

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Dr Herber Video, explaining how to understand your body and body shape:


Using body composition monitors to measure body fat and lean muscle tissue

Feedback -July 11

"I have found the programme very successful and the LA diet book has become my eating and guidance bible. I would recommend that to  everyone starting the programme.

I Have lost 2 inches from breast, 2.5 inches from waist and 1 inch from hips. The weight reduction has been 13 lbs. from 14st.1.6 lbs. to 13st. 2.6 lbs..

I have also noticed that mentally I am less anxious about forth coming  meetings and tasks. I have plenty of those as I am a FD of a small to  medium sized Company.

My weight target is to get to 11 st. 7 lbs. which will take me at  least until 2nd Oct calculated at 2 lbs. per week. I am aged 65 and like many people of my age want and need to continue full time work and your programme is helping me do this yet improve my health. I have resumed exercising and trying to do 3 x 40 minutes cardio and 2  x 30 minutes weights per week. Not always achieving the weights every  week but always manage the cardio. Thanks for your help.  Robert W. "


Here are the 10 reasons for our success:

  1. The top selling book 'The LA Shape Diet' written by the Director of the UCLA Centre of Human Nutrition, Dr David Heber explains the science of diet success. The book is based on years of research & diet counselling at the centre. This is his definitive cutting edge diet programme (you can buy the book on Amazon).

  2. For best results your 'DIET MUST BE PERSONALISED' to your individual body shape. Everyone's body shape is different. One size does not fit all. Your body shape is more important than your weight. We help you be the best shape you can be! This is our challenge -if you've been hungry on diets & put the weight back on - this is for you!

  3. 'PROTEIN' is the key. Most people don't eat enough protein. This means your blood sugar is low making you feel tired & grumpy. Protein controls hunger. We match the protein in your body with your diet. You don't feel hungry or tired. You feel great! A protein only diet delivers immediate weight loss BUT for long term success AS WELL - you MUST have 'good carbohydrates' to be fit & healthy. We help you get an immediate result AND safe long term weight off too! Measuring fat is not important. It is no help in designing the perfect diet for you. We calculate your 'lean body mass' to tell us how much protein your unique body shape needs. Upper body weight is most dangerous. Lower body weight is what makes a woman female & sexy. This is often hard to shift because women evolved to keep weight on for child rearing. We can now help you to be the best shape you can be! Typically women need around 80-100g protein a day Men 100-150g. Basically your body needs 1g protein per 1 pound of lean body mass (i.e. not fat).  BBC Programme about the science of losing weight - provides practical demonstrations on the value of getting protein into every meal

  4. 'WHY OUR PROGRAMME IS UNIQUELY SUCCESSFUL'. You don't feel hungry on our diet because our unique Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix & Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder has the best possible blend of soy & whey protein to safely lose weight immediately AND over a prolonged period by controlling your hunger. You don't feel hungry for 2 -3 hours after taking this shake. To lose weight, replace two meals a day with our delicious & versatile shakes which combines the perfect balance of good carbohydrates, 'heart-healthy' fibre & protein. The third meal can be of your choice - just learn to cut back a little.

  5. Formula two has 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs uniquely designed to complement and balance with the shake. 'ALL THE NUTRITION THE BODY NEEDS' - unlike deprivation diets where the body tries to cope without the nutrition you have cut out - so it piles the weight back on when you stop.

  6. Plus we have 'UNIQUE TARGETED PRODUCTS' including delicious protein bars & Theromojetic tea to hydrate, release energy, give stamina & focus.

  7. 'THE FACTS'. Our meal replacement diet has been scientifically proven, with many testimonials, to keep weight off. In long term STUDIES in Germany & USA & Korea - monitored over five years and more. The USA National Registry of Dieters who have kept weight off long term includes many of our product users.

  8. 'ALL THE PRODUCTS ARE NATURALLY DERIVED' - we have Olympic athletes and top sportspeople training on our products.

  9. In addition - because we are replacing meals & stopping your body craving unhealthy snacks - you don't feel hungry - so you can 'SAVE MONEY' too!



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All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary. La Shape Diet

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