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Become a Herbal Vitality distributor in Malaysia

To get started as a distributor you need an International Business Pack. This gives you access to the support provided  and allows you to start making money straightaway. The packs come with training manuals and videos. You can start ordering products at a 25% discount, which is the starting discount.

The IBP (Distributor kit) is available in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin. Contents of IBP:

  • IBO (3 Books)
  • Product Information Guide (Inner
    & Outer)
  • Promote! Catalogue
  • What Should You Weigh Chart
  • Welcome To the CompanyDVD
  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Brochure
  • Button
  • Basic Green Pen
  • Measuring Spoon (White)
  • Distributor Price List
  • Distributor Application Form
  • Supervisor Application Form
  • Healthy Living Magazine
  • No products included
  • Promotion - Complimentary ticket to attend training day
  • Listings in Herbal Vitality Directories
RM 88.00
Buy  English IBP
Buy  Bahasa Malaysia IBP
Buy  Chinese IBP

Payment options -online options -debit/credit card/pay-pal and if you prefer payment direct to a Malaysian Bank Account please send us an email support@herbalvitality.info

Delivery costs
Orders below 500.99 retail price - West Malaysia 15.00 rm; East Malaysia 30.00 rm (For orders online all delivery costs are 15.00 rm)
Orders above 501.00 retail price - West/East Malaysia Delivery free of charge
Collection from our distribution centre in KL - no charge

Steps to get started:

-Order an IBP which will be sent to your by courier or you can collect from our distribution centre in KL.
-Complete application for international distributorship forms, return copies to the company so your details are added to the computer system. You can then ordering products at a discount.(25-50%)
-Signed into the BIG Marketing Training Site which gives you access to the training and marketing support to develop your business.
-Your details are added to Herbal Vitality directories so customers can make contact with you
-You are provided with web sites
-Attend a training day
-We mentor you in how to put together a 90 day plan.
-Ongoing training and marketing support
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Herbalife Independent Distributor. Call Me for a Business Opportunity, 0044 1932 889236, support@herbalvitality.info

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