Lost 80 pounds in 10 months.

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bad results from bariatric surgery
After having Bariatric Surgery to be fitted with a gastric Lapband and no sort of result, still not losing any weight I had given up.

I had tried everything I thought and nothing helped, I spent thousands to have the Gastric Lapband as I was desperate to lose weight and thought Bariatric surgery was a sure thing, it wasnít. After 4 years with it and no weight loss I had given up on life  as I had no quality of life at 5′3 and a  little over 300 pounds.

I didnít want to go anywhere or do anything, life was passing me by.

Then I heard about someone who had lost 100lbs with Herbalife. I didnít know what it was but that same day I found out and ordered the products. The very first day on the products I just felt better, for starters I didnít fall asleep that afternoon. I used to fall asleep every afternoon and I havenít done that since starting Herbalife. I didnít feel hungry and what I just couldnít believe was the cravings went away. I was a junk food aholic and I no longer crave junk food
I lost about 80 pounds in 10 months and never felt deprived or like I was on a diet. Iíve gone from a size 28/26 to an 18/16. Even when it seems I havenít lost weight my body is still shrinking!  I feel like living again! My body has never been so well  nourished and the best part is it has been so easy!

After I had Lapband surgery I was told to go home, take my vitamins and drink protein shakes, well I do that with Herbalife and I have a lovely meal every day and snacks in between and Iíve lost weight consistently! The Lapband does not take away the cravings and that is a huge part of the battle, Herbalife does!

Still 5 '3 but 80 lbs lighter! And still making progress.

Anyone considering surgery or waiting to have surgery, I would urge you to try Herbalife before going under the knife and spending thousands because it is not a guarantee and I know I am not the only person it hasnít worked for as I met a lovely lady last week who also had the Lapband with no results and was now losing weight with Herbalife !

I use the ShapeWorks QuickStart and I also take Thermo Complete and drink the Thermojetic Herbal Beverage.

I still have weight to lose, I am a work in progress but ďprogressĒ is the key word! I am making great progress and I have my life back !

Individual results will vary. 

bad result from bariatric surgery

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 All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary.The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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