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'Im the oldest guy in the team and yet my speed & endurance levels leave the youngsters way behind."

"I don't know what's got into these boys(football team), but their fitness and energy levels seem to be amazing today!! Charlie

"I had so much energy the whole way through the training session and it was like I was never out injured for 6 weeks! " Athlete

"Update on CR7 Drive trial i have been doing. I have been back running for the past 3 weeks. Today smashed my best time for 2.1 miles by 32 secs. Best time was 15.16 secs, tonight 14.44 well happy this stuff is fantastic and at the age of 53 smile emoticon rocket fuel" Richard

"I've used many hydration sports drinks in the past whilst playing rugby. Constantly they've all been too sweet and very artificial. With CR7 I feel more hydrated through out the whole game and can keep going. Played this week without CR7 (left it in my car by accident) and felt thirsty most if the match and did notice my performance drop slightly. Have used it whilst doing cross-fit and again feel hydrated and able to complete the WODs." Daniel

"I used CR7 Drive for the first time last Sunday whilst training/playing wheelchair rugby. During the 3hr session with only a few short breaks I drank almost 2 bottles of CR7. In the past I used water with Thermo Beverage which was good but normally at the end of a 3 hour very intense and physical session I'm shattered. However on this occasion I felt like I could have carried on for at least another hour. So, no question about it CR7Drive made a massive difference to my performance. Oh and it tastes great. Worth mentioning, at just 55 yrs of age, I'm the oldest guy in the team and yet my speed & endurance levels leave the youngsters way behind." Marc

"I am 51yrs old and had amazing results with the inner nutrition products. I am training harder than ever before and have set a level 10 goal to raising funds for cancer research uk in memory of my parents by running 5 half marathons. I have started using CR7 Drive whilst running and I have had my PB at the Bedford ParkRun 5k in 23mins 4secs, which was a 1min 30sec improvement. With CR7 Drive I feel amazing and fully hydrated and the taste is far better than other drinks I have tried. Target of sub 2 hour for all 5 half marathons" Paul

"After just 2 weeks of training I have managed to increase my deadlift by 30kg (not far off half my bodyweight) from 150kg to 180kg. This is an increase of 20%. I owe a good part of this increase to the inclusion of CR7 Drive during training, as it has allowed me to lift more weight and for more reps, and recover faster...which obviously increases the training effect. Coupled with the rest of my Herbalife programme (including Rebuild Strength and Restore) this has been a massive boost. I've only just started training for my first powerlifting competition next year, and I'm already close to my target lift of 200kg, so have had to increase my goals! Thank you Herbalife." Jay

"I drank CR7 drive at the beginning of my weight session and I did 4 sets of dumbbell front raises 15 per arm (and it was a struggle, stoping and starting). Then after that I went on to do other weights. Then I thought lets go back to the front raises to see if this CR7 DRIVE has made a difference to my workout (barring in mind it enhances performance especially in second half of game) OMG I used the same weights and I did before and I did 60 raises in one rep (30 with each arm) WITH no struggle! I could have done more too but was having weird looks as it's too many to do really in one set. I Literally couldn't believe it (it was like magic) so next time increased weight for Becca"

"Just tried CR7Drive for the first time! Love it! Knocked 1.14 off my 5k time!" Damien

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