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If you are interested in having your web site's link placed in our link directory please add our details to your web site using the following info

Then complete the form on this page providing your web site's Title, a brief Description, your URL address and the Theme page you would like your link listed in.

If you are a link partner, you will receive special treatment with your link located at the top of the page  A Link Partner image will be placed next to your link letting our visitors know you are a link partner.

Relevancy for link exchange - Sites that are on weight management or food or health related subjects and with a google home page rank of 1 or higher, the linking page being listed on google and no more than 30 links per page

Also three way linking option i.e. non-reciprocal linking Please contact us at [email protected]  i.e. you link to We link back from

Contact us at [email protected]

To be listed in the Link Directory email the following info:

Your web site's Title
A brief Description
Your URL address
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