Lose Weight With Weight Training/ Strength Training

By implementing cardio, weight training and a healthy diet, you can maximize your weight loss and your health.
lose weight with weight training Weight loss is most effectively achieved through a combination of BOTH cardiovascular exercise (i.e., treadmill, biking, swimming, home workout DVD) and weight training/strength training.

While the cardio will get your heart rate up and burn calories, strength training brings great weight loss benefits, too. Strength training adds muscle mass to your body, and increased muscle mass means a dramatically increased metabolism. Adding even a few pounds of muscle will increase the number of calories your body burns each and every day.

Many people complain that, as they age, they eat and exercise the same amount but still gain weight. One of the main causes of this is loss of muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Strength training preserves and even increases muscle mass, keeping metabolism at a high level. Genetically, women have less muscle than men, and as a woman ages, the preservation of lean muscle becomes vital.

Muscles are like " far furnaces" they burn calories...

Why Strength Training Works

For light exercise, your metabolism may be elevated for just a few minutes after exercise, but for more intense activities, like weight training for instance, your metabolism may be elevated for up to 36 hours after your workout. When you perform intense weight training, you're burning additional calories for a much longer period of time than if you merely do cardio exercise.

Focusing only on cardio and skipping strength training could actually make it harder for you to lose weight
. In fact, you may even gain weight – especially if your cardio workouts exceed 45 minutes. If you do cardio too long, your body consumes muscle for energy. For most people, that “too long” mark is at about 45 minutes. Done over and over again, day after day, this excess cardio could have a substantial impact on your body – and the muscle loss could decrease your metabolism and result in weight gain.

If you have 60 minutes of gym time, here’s a recommendation of a client looking to lose weight:

25 minutes of cardio (5 minutes of warming up, 15 minutes of intervals, 5 minutes of cooling down)
30 minutes of strength training
5 minutes of post-workout stretching

Alternatively if you are working out at home for 30 mins a day, then alternate between strength training and cardio workouts.

An effective fat loss program will include regular strength training and cardio workouts, done either separately or together, depending on your schedule and goals. Another important component is, of course, eating a healthy diet as well. Ask any fitness pro or nutrition expert and you will hear that diet is typically about 80% responsible when it comes to  losing weight, with exercise contributing 20%. By implementing all three components, you can maximize your weight loss and your health.

The Benefits Of  Strength Training?

1. Increases your lean muscle mass, and raises your metabolic rate to assist with weight management.
2. Helps improve body composition, i.e. more muscle and less fat at the same body weight.
3. Increases bone density to prevent and reverse the onset of osteoporosis.
4. Improves body strength and joint function, allows for ease of movement so that exercise, work, and daily activities becomes much less burdensome.
5. Improves circulation, coordination, balance, and overall health
Improves energy levels and mental focus
6. Helps avoid injury: a stronger body is less likely to become injured.
7. Helps develop a balanced, well-proportioned physique.
8. Helps you look better and improve your self-esteem, with a sense of personal empowerment.
9. Makes life fun! Improved conditioning will increase enjoyment of your favourite activities and sports.

Over 35s?

"Most people still look young, but are already experiencing the BIG Three of aging: deteriorating lean muscle mass, worsening posture and crumbling joints” say Robert Forster, Physical Therapist and PT.

Options for Strength Training?

Everyone, no matter how young or old, should be doing some kind of regular strength training. This could be at the gym with equipment, at fit camp with own bodyweight or at home using resistance bands and small hand weights. Which will become habit-forming for you? Which will you still be doing not in 4 weeks’ time but 3 months’ time?!

Strength Training Options - 3 Times A Week For 30 mins:

At gym with equipment.
At class with weights.
At boot camp using own body weight.
At the swimming pool with Aquafit.
At home using the 24 Fit DVDs, with resistance bands and dumbbells. That's a collection of 12 DVDs, 24 week program, with 3 phases and 3 levels of difficulty. Flexibility- Strength Training- Cardio. Teach your body how to burn fat vs. consume carbs, burn carbs, consume more carbs!

Recovery Shake

After a workout your muscles will tear or fray, they are stressed from a hard workout. Recovery nutrition helps them to mend back together, so you become stronger. Recovery nutrition should contain protein to help muscles to build back and carbs to replace the glycogen lost in the workout. Important to get a recovery shake within 30 mins max, otherwise the muscles cells close off and are not able to absorb so readily. This will speed up recovery ready for your next exercise class!!

“Important! Don't skip your protein shake after you exercise and think that you'll save calories! A protein shake after training accelerates lean muscle growth, which in turn revs your metabolism and burns more fat. And helps to avoid cravings after exercise

Weight Plateau?

Hit a weight plateau? Step up your strength training. It builds muscle & increases your metabolic rate. Have you had your shake after you're workout?

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Lose Weight With Weight Training

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