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Moisturizing softness you'll want to keep handy!

Every time you shake someone’s hand, you’re making an impression.  Herbal Aloe Hand Cream leaves hands feeling silky soft, healthy and smooth–unlike some hand creams, which can leave you with a sticky, greasy feeling.

Herbal Aloe Hand Cream Key Points:

• Aloe Vera promotes skin conditioning
• Vitamin E–antioxidant
• Vitamin A–moisturizing skin conditioner
•  Natural extracts include: meadowsweet,Grape Leaf and Black Currant
• Worthy of the IASC seal of approval
• Mild, fresh scent

 The Hand Cream is certified for its aloe content and purity. Hands down, it’s the smartest cream for your hands. Herbal Aloe’s rich, non-oily formula contains a unique blend of grape-seed oil, vegetable glycerin, and aloe vera to moisturize instantly. Specially formulated to help heal dry skin, it helps hands retain their own natural moisture. You’ll want to keep it on hand for use throughout the day.

Herbal Aloe Hand Cream

Size: 50ml.  Code 0450 


Everyday Soothing...

Key Benefits:

Soothe, nourish and hydrate skin.

This soothing and moisturising gel can help nourish and comfort your skin. It is absorbed quickly and is non-greasy, so all you feel is refreshing cool relief for the skin.

Herbal Aloe Gel provides soothing relief from sunburn, wind burn, chafing, itching and other skin irritations. The Aloe Vera plant originates from tropical Africa and has been used as a soothing agent for centuries.

 The fresh leaves of the Aloe Vera plant exude a gelatinous juice that has remarkable soothing properties whether used topically or internally. Fresh Aloe Vera Gel found in the spiny leaves of the Aloe Vera plant can greatly soothe and calm down damaged or irritated skin and is reported to contain naturally associated mucilaginous polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates), enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, is said to have valued Aloe Vera gel, she has been reported to have faithfully massaged it into her skin to keep it soft and smooth.

Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel

Size: 200ml Code 0379 

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Herbal Aloe Vera Concentrate

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