NiteWorks Success Stories-Circulation

Circulation problems-tingling hands and feet etc

Diabetes, Niteworks, and feeling the carpet (7/24/2004) Inge Christensen - Germany

My husband has Diabetes 2 and he has been taking Niteworks. After 2 weeks, he noticed, that he could feel the carpet in the bedroom, when he got out of bed. The funny thing was, that he had not noticed, that he couldn't feel the carpet before! What a great product. We are both using it and we feel great. My husband just turned 70.

Niteworks for circulation problem (7/23/2004) Nancy Snead - Chicago, IL

 My daughter is 32 years old and her feet and hands were always falling asleep at night. Sounds like a minor problem except she has a 12 month old baby who she sometimes needs to attend to during the night! She was unable to leap out of bed as most young mothers would, and had to wait until the circulation came back to her extremities. She went to the doctor and was told "it was a hereditary problem (I have varicose and so does my daughter) and there was nothing that could be done." The doctor told her to exercise more! She started Niteworks and had results the first night - no "sleeping" hands and feet! She was skeptical and thought it was "just a fluke" so didn't take it the second night and of course the numbness returned. Now she will be a lifetime Niteworks user - works like a charm! She is in triathlons every summer and also uses Niteworks to increase her stamina

Results from just a two night sample!!! (8/14/2003) Elizabeth Strode - Syracuse, New York

I now have a new Niteworks customer! Marian is 85 years old and for 30 years has had what she calls "black feet". I have seen Marian's feet and ankles and they are "black" with lack of circulation and terrible varicose veins.

I gave her samples of Niteworks for just two nights to see how she did. I brought this to her with her order of Formula 1, Cell Activator and Total Control.

I spoke with her after the two nights of taking the samples and she was absolutely incoherent with disbelief! She was thrilled to wake up with "WHITE" feet!!!

Not only is she feeling more energetic from the other products, but she has ordered her first container of Niteworks.

Marian was also plagued with the problem of moving her bowels from all the medications she has been taking and that is no longer a problem either!

Big Bonuses here with Herbalife Products!

Swollen Ankles and NITEWORKS (10/21/2003) Teresa & Wayne Mercier - Middletown, CT, USA

Herbalife Distributor who is a Doctor by profession has a new happy customer.

This lady had swollen ankles for years and it was very painful for her to walk. She walked very slowly as a result of it. Mike (the doctor) put her on weight loss and NITEWORKS, explaining that she needed to "unclog" her arteries. She said it was exactly what doctors were telling her for years.....

After A WEEK on NITEWORKS and weight loss program, she is now able to walk faster and can "exercise" her feet with circular motion. Before it was impossible when her ankles were swollen and painful. NITEWORKS did it again! Teresa Mercier

Niteworks (7/23/2004) Bill Diamond - Tacoma, WA, USA

Since the introduction of Niteworks I put my 87 yr year old mother-in-law on the product as well as our selves. (56 & 57) For years and years she complained of sharp, tingling pains in her wrists. So bad they affected her sleep. She would wear a wrist band to alleviate the pain. Since using Niteworks, (and within a week of starting), she no longer has the problem. Doctors couldn't treat it but Niteworks did. She swears by it. We also do. Both our blood pressures are excellent and overall feeling is great. Sleep is a joy. I have always been a light sleeper and consequently have had dark circles under my eyes. By using Niteworks and the Herbalife program, sleep is fantastic and my eyes look great! Committed for life. Bill Diamond Tacoma, WA

Niteworks - Returned Feeling in Feet (8/11/2003) Teri SantaFerrara - Syracuse, New York, USA

I have a 71 year old man who just tried Niteworks for the first time on August 9, 2003 and here is his actual email testimonial he wrote to me. Here is a WOW!
 "I just tried Nitworks for the first time last night. For over a year I have had no feeling in the bottoms of my feet, very little feeling in the tops of my feet and lower legs. This was caused by a drug I took that had the side-effect of lowering my blood pressure. When I woke this morning, the feelings had all returned, even a little pain from when I stubbed my toes because I couldn't feel them and places where I had cut my toes while clipping my toe nails, again because I could feel no pain. It is now the end of the day after I first took Niteworks, and the feeling is still there! This is the first time I have ever heard of anything that would completely cure a serious problem with one application. I'm going to continue Niteworks because I sense that it was working on other things as well...maybe age related that I wasn't aware of (my breathing and exercising seems much easier, as does the flexibility of my joints)"

Niteworks and Chronic Tingling Feet (8/13/2003) Elizabeth Strode - Syracuse, New York, United States

My name is Elizabeth Strode. I am 52 years old. From October 2001 until October 2002, I suffered from a year long infection due to a smoldering appendix. I had surgery but the effects of the infection lingered. Up until the first week of June, 2003, I suffered from stiff and painful joints and agonizing muscle spasms from the hips down. I also had tingling in my legs and feet. I had my first dose of Niteworks at 7:30 AM Sunday, June 8th of this year and by 12:30 PM (five hours later!), the painful muscle spasms in the back of my left thigh started to settle down. I could hardly believe it when I realized I was sitting on a hard chair normally instead of just on my right cheek! It has now been two months since I started using Niteworks and I am sleeping better, waking up more alert, able to come downstairs without the pain and stiffness in my ankles, knees and hips. There is no longer any tingling in my legs and feet and the muscle spasms are completely gone! Also, I have more energy and I donít get as stressed and tense about things anymore. I've had two visits to my chiropractor since June and we both noticed that I had a lot more range of motion everywhere and my adjustments go a lot smoother and easier. Needless to say, my chiropractor is now taking Niteworks! My medical doctor has also asked for and received the information about Niteworks and the rest of our products due to my results and those of my customers and all the other testimonies we have! Niteworks and the rest of the Herbalife products are for everyone. Iíll never be without them.

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Poor hand circulation

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