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They say when you reach 40 you turn the corner well think I have went full circle. I will be 41 next week I would never have imagined things would be so different today I have never felt so happy or fitter since I was about 15.

I had done all the diets twice over my husband would roll his eyes when I mentioned diet I would loss a little and few months after I was heavier than before I had started the last diet. Until my friend at work came in and said she had started Herbal Life I was interested at what she had said about it but not sure, had been there before on diets and could imagine what my husband would say, decided to wait and see how my friend got on. She was a size18 and in her 20ís we worked alternative shifts two weeks past I had been on day shift she was back shift when I saw her, it was her eyes that drew my attention she looked great her face was glowing and healthy looking thatís when I decided I would try it, she lives a bit away from me and would not be convenient for me so decided to go on the internet found a coach and thatís when it all started within 3 days of being on Herbal life Products I started to feel the difference it has been like no other healthy eating plan I had done before.

"Bags of energy, no swelling or IBS"

I have been on the plan for 5 months I am a size18 and have lost 24% of my body fat and my whole life has changed and the great thing is its been so easy, I go to the gym every second day have bags of energy no swelling no IBS or depression and sleep like a baby. I can now go into all high street shops and buy what I like not what I can get into. There is one thing I am sure about Herbal life products will be apart of my life always and wish I had found it sooner, If I had not found it I dread to think of what state my health would be in. So when someone asks whatís secret, well thatís when there life starts to change.

Before Size 26
After Size 18
I take Formulas 1,2,3 , Protein bars, Thermojetics Beverage and Fibrebond
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