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Generation H- Find a new direction with Herbalife

Strong growth for Herbalife is being driven by a new breed of young wellness coaches dubbed ‘Generation H’. "The Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition range is 'attracting a younger distributor who isn’t necessarily a weight loss distributor'  President Des Walsh.  "We are seeing exciting adaptations of Nutrition Clubs… and higher utilization of Herbalife 24 in addition to stronger use of social networks.”

“We are the original social network.”
iChange: Nutrition for the Facebook generation. President Des Walsh added: “Our daily consumption model drives increased distributor and consumer engagement. Herbalife’s new iChange social network-style website to help customers connect online with a wellness coach and support group was also “beginning to gain traction”, he added.  The site, introduced to select distributors on a trial basis at the beginning of this year is now set for a wider rollout across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region this quarter.

Take a look at the comments and quotes from people who have given it a shot and now realising their dreams:

Emma Davies, Gen H, UK, Age 26

"I was a highly paid IT consultant - but  60 hour weeks were common, but I been led to believe that is what you have  to do to make good money. Then I found out about Herbalife while talking to some people on holiday. It turned out they were making the same money as me - but working less hours! I landed back in the UK after my holiday, immediately signing up as a Distributor.
Soon after becoming a Distributor, I was matching my IT salary, just working part time! I have now sacked my boss and have become a full time Distributor.
Before I started my Herbalife business, I was signed off work for 12 weeks with stress - that was a huge wake up call for me. Since joining Herbalife I have made fantastic new friends and travelled all over the world. I am now wealthy as well as happy and healthy!"

Karissa Notman, Gen H, Uk, Aged 18

"Before attending my first Herbalife training seminar, I was very nervous but soon saw the business potential and knew that I could reach my dreams with this company!
Herbalife has enabled me not only to earn money but also to choose my hours. Herbalife has allowed me to concentrate on my studies, unlike many of my friends who have to study around inflexible part time jobs
I have also had the freedom to travel around the world with Herbalife, making friends along the way. Next year I am taking a gap year before I start university. Until then I hope to increase my income and travel some more with my business.
I am so thankful for finding Herbalife -it really has given me experiences I could only dream of and the opportunity to reach my goals at my age is just incredible! "

Richard Branson, Gen H, Uk, Age 25

"I found it incredibly easy to start my own Herbalife business. My International Business Pack arrived in the post and I immediately signed up - it was dead simple! I already had several successful projects on the go and found that I could integrate being a Distributor into what I was already doing.
With Herbalife I work when and where I want. I would hate a 'normal' 9-5 job and could definitely never do that after working for Herbalife! With Herbalife, I have the flexibility I want along with the opportunity to build a great international business. You'd be a fool to pass it up!"

Tony Van deLaar, Gen H, UK, Age 26

"I trained in music management. Secretly, I always dreamed of having my own business, and above all one that would give me freedom. After my first big international Herbalife meeting, I knew immediately that this was what I'd always been looking for! Being my own boss, working from home, lots of travel - and of course FREEDOM! Every day, I'm helping people with their health, or helping them to build their own business. So don't dream it, do it - take up the challenge. You'll learn an incredible amount, have lots of fun and
make new friends! "

Katy Louise Winterschladen, Gen H, Uk, Age 21

"I'm a 21year old graduate from Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom. I joined Herbalife in June and it is just amazing, life changing. Within the first 3 weeks I lost 10 cm from my waist, 11cm from my hips and 9lbs in weight. I felt on top of the world! Because of my results in weight loss and unbelievable energy, friends wanted some of what I was having! I built up my 83 customers in 3 months just from my own results on the products. I get so much happiness from helping others improve their health and lose weight and gain self confidence. I'm so glad I met Louise who introduced me to Herbalife in June. My life has changed so much I'm so grateful for Herbalife it has made such a difference to me. I love it! "

Additional success stories from around Europe and the USA.

Photos of Generation H Events

What is Generation H?

Generation H is a term used for Herbalife distributors betwen the ages of 18 and 30. Its is a very important bracket of population as it includes young, vibrant people that are nowadays internet savvy, open to new ideas, new opportunities; they are teachable and more likely to have dreams and idea where they want to be. Remember that likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, even our own Mark Hughes... they all started as young entrepreneurs in their twenties...

All young people lack is a good genuine opportunity that Herbalife has to offer to allow them to unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. Because, once they go on job market, start paying rent, get loans, you know the story... By the time they are 30, they lose that freedom about them and get locked in the chains of debt and mortgage repayments, family committments and, as each year passes by they (or, shall I say we...) stop chasing the dream we once have had and no longer thing that everything is possible. We just start chasing better paid job or hoping for 5% increase in wages per year, if we are lucky. We are no longer in control of our future, although many will argue with this statement, but the truth is, we are NOT free as long as we rely on someone else to pay us for our efforts.

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