Sports Nutrition

"The Equation is Simple : What You Put In, You Get Out!"

Is your current 'fuel supply' providing your body with everything you need?

  • Do you exercise on fumes or fuel? Compete on an empty tank?
  • Do you refuel within 30 mins of exercise?
  • What emphasis placed on diet and nutrition alongside technique, training and mental preparation?
  • What emphasis placed on the fuelling process around exercise?

For Peak performance -We've Got Exactly What You Need
For over 20 years we have helped people all over the world manage their weight. Herbalife Sports Nutrition can also help athletes and active people reach their fuel requirements. The science of sports nutrition is complex and often confusing, but it can be simplified into four basic components: Fuelling, Refuelling, Repairing, Recovery.

Herbalife products are highly digestible and absorbable carbohydrates, proteins and essential fatty acids-all required by the body to help with peak performance. If you want to experience the ultimate competitive edge, make Herbalife a part of your life.

                                                     Your challenges?
Need more energy  towards the end of the match?
Wrecked after a workout ?! Feel fatigued all the time?
 Need better concentration during the game?
Play sports and exercise regularly and need to recover faster?
Struggling to gain weight? Need to lose weight ?
Less injury or illness? Help with agility and supple joints?


Mini Sports Nutrition Questionnaire

1.Do you think you exercise and compete  on fumes or fuel? 
2. Do you think you drink enough fluids during  training / competing?   
3. Are you aware of the "30 minute window" for refuelling your body after exercise?   
4. Are you aware of the "90-120 minute window" for replacing protein in the muscles to aid repair? 
5.  Are you getting the right protein intake?
6.Are you aware that taking antioxidants can reduce repair and recovery time
7. Are you aware that exercise drains nutrients from the body and nutrients are required to utilise your fuel supply?
Finding the optimum foods to help you in your quest for greater performance is not easy. These days it can be argued that intensive farming, global warming and long distance travel have depleted our foods of their best nutrition. What to look for is the best fuel possible which is easy to use, convenient and tastes great! More information at Food for thought..

Why Herbal Vitality? Sports nutrition is more than fizzy drinks which rot your teeth and protein supplements! Its about a complete programme of fuelling, refuelling, repair and recovery. Mix of slow and quick release carbohydrates, high quality proteins and essential nutrients  Success Stories

Sports nutritionist "I spent years encouraging sports people to take care of their diet and nutrition and to consume  organically grown, locally  produce and cook for themselves rather eat processed foods with limited success. Now I suggest they take  shakes as part of their daily routine. Then I know they get the right balance of nutrients -slow release carbs, easily absorbed proteins, mineral and vitamins. Its the first nutrition where my athletes have been able to feel the difference"

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