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Herbalife Diet/Sports Nutrition/Vitality Programmes are designed for long term success rather than a short term fix. Sometimes dieters/weight gainers cherish an idea of "attacking the extra weight". Such attacks usually start on Monday and are over by Friday and have nothing in common with such deep processes as changing the eating habits and metabolism. To change eating habits you need to strictly follow the Herbal life diet programmes for a period of between 90 and 120 days.

Wholesale Club membership in Indonesia is designed to reward long term customers who can enjoy savings of 25-35%  on all their Herbalife purchases. And no min order value. We have set up this amazing discount buyers program to make our products more affordable than ever! 

Your wholesale membership  will allow you to set up a direct account and place your future orders directly from us in Indonesia at wholesale prices. And, you can share your discount with friends and they can save too!

You can also join our affiliate scheme and make commission just by referring people to us. Just ask them to look at our site.

This Discount pack in Indonesia contains your account application form and collateral materials about your Herbalife Diet: literature, catalogues, video, meal planners, price list, lean protein estimator, product information guide, what you should weight chart, price list, tablet box and measuring spoon.  And includes the following products: Formula 1 Vanilla and the Herbal Concentrate
 IBP: RP 337,000




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